Messages from Sundre Emergency Management

Update July 6, 2020



With Stage 2 of the Alberta Relaunch Strategy well under way and the COVID-19 situation being effectively managed within the province Sundre Emergency Management is stepping down our active response. We will continue to monitor situation reports from the Province, Alberta Health, other provinces and throughout the world. Important or new information as well as facility openings will be shared on our website and social media however regular public posts or updates will no longer be happening. If you have any questions please contact Sundre Emergency Management through the town office at 403-638-3551.

Please be reminded that the rules we have all heard so many times over the last few months are still in place and will need to be followed for some time still to ensure the safety of the community and our people. 

  • If you are sick, STAY HOME.
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your arm
  • Maintain a 2 meter (6 foot) distance from others as much as possible. If distancing is not possible a mask should be worn over your mouth and nose.
  • Wash your hands well and frequently (and or use hand sanitizer).

Information for businesses, individuals and the current situation are available at the links below.

Sundre Emergency Management would like to thank all our citizens for your support, understanding and commitment to keeping Sundre safe during this pandemic. It is not over but it is because of you that we have come this far without a local outbreak and without needing to implement further local restrictions above those set by the province. We would also like to thank our local businesses, many that were significantly impacted and that can use your support now as they recover. Finally thank you to our town staff and our emergency services. Their commitment to their jobs and adherence to the safety procedures put in place meant no loss to critical infrastructure or critical service to date as a result of COVID-19. 

Thank you,

Sundre Emergency Management Agency 


Update June 15, 2020



The province announced stage 2 of the relaunch effective Friday June 12, 2020.

This announcement means further relaxation to restrictions and permission to open more businesses and facilities that the province and Alberta Health restricted earlier, in response to the COVID-19 outbreaks in Alberta. The ability to open Town facilities safely is the responsibility of the municipalities. In many cases mandatory guidelines must be met for these facilities to open. 

Please remember that even with restrictions being relaxed it does not mean that the threat is gone. People must continue to maintain physical distancing of 2 Meters or 6 Feet, practice good personal hygiene by washing hands thoroughly and avoid touching your face, limit gatherings to the number specified by Alberta Health (as of June 12, a maximum of 50 people indoors and 100 outdoors), and masks are encouraged whenever distancing may not be possible. Individuals may continue to avoid these facilities or businesses if they feel the risk is too high for them.

The town will be reviewing applicable guidelines and addressing any concerns prior to reopening any of our facilities. Some guidelines will be easier to meet than others and we must consider how to meet these mandatory guidelines with the staff we have, without incurring unreasonable costs, and without increasing any risk to staff or the public. Announcements will be made on the Town website and social media regarding any facilities opening. 

Businesses are encouraged to keep up to date on changes in requirements and or procedures by visiting the Alberta Biz-Connect website regularly as information there is expected to change daily.  

Updated Guidance Documents are available at

Highlights of the relaunch are available at 

Further Information on the Alberta Relaunch Strategy is available here

Thank you,

Sundre Emergency Management


Update May 15, 2020



A message from Sundre Emergency Management:

There has been some confusion on the status of municipal playgrounds in Sundre. 

Playgrounds remain closed at this time. We are exploring options on how to safely open them. We understand the desire to have them open but mitigating the risk of someone’s child becoming sick due to contaminated equipment is not something we can take lightly. 

Once we do open the playgrounds it will be clearly posted on our website and social media.

Sundre Emergency Management


Update May 12, 2020 


Sundre is always busy on the May Long Weekend with folks traveling through to the West Country.

With the May long weekend approaching, Sundre Emergency Management would like to recommend our citizens complete any of your shopping needs early this week prior to stores being inundated with folks from out of town. The west country is open, with a fire ban in place for long weekend adventurers. Groups must be of 15 people or less and physical distancing remains in effect. 

Recently, AHS and Dr. Deena Hinshaw released this statement:

"I have heard from many Albertans hoping to travel to summer homes, cabins and cottages within Alberta. 

Responsible travel to these locations within the province is permissible, with consideration to local community guidelines.

Travel to summer homes outside the province is still not recommended.

I encourage any person who is considering travelling within the province, to respect the health and safety of small communities and plan their trip with minimal stops where possible.

Pack your own food and stop only for gas if necessary.

As always, take all the necessary precautions to protect your health and the health of those around you.”

As Alberta’s relaunch strategy progresses and we see the reopening of businesses if anyone has a concern, complaint or question regarding public health issues you can contact Alberta Health Services at:

For Businesses:

The province has released information on the website to assist businesses with re-opening procedures, rules and guidelines. 

Have an enjoyable and Safe Long Weekend

Sundre Emergency Management 




Update May 1, 2020


The Province has announced some exciting news with their Alberta Relaunch Strategy (available at )

The relaxation of closures and restrictions is a welcome change but we must remain vigilant and follow all the guidelines in place. It is because of the cooperation and commitment from all of you so far that we are seeing some of these relaxations now. As we enjoy these welcomed changes, we need to keep in mind that failure to diligently follow the guidelines could mean a step backwards. Restrictions and closures may need to be reimplemented if we fail to keep up with physical distancing, avoiding crowds and good hygiene practices. 

Sundre facilities will remain closed until further notice. This includes all town offices / buildings, Community Centre, Arena, Pool, Campground, playgrounds and the Skate Park. We will endeavour to open these facilities as soon possible and when it is safe to do so. When permitted, and prior to opening any of these facilities, Sundre Emergency Management must consider the risk to the user(s), the community, the public, staff and emergency responders. Some facilities may have provincial guidelines in place that must be followed or measures may be needed or continue to be in place to protect everyone at these facilities. Announcements will be made as soon as possible when facilities may be opened and the protocols to be followed at them.

We would like to also ask those of you considering hosting a garage sale to either hold off a while or utilize the various Buy & Sell options available locally like the Olds Radio or Social Media. We may consider a large community garage sale event later in the year as COVID-19 conditions improve.

Thank you Sundre,

Sundre Emergency Management


Update April 28, 2020


Sundre Emergency Management is actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation in the province and working with key partners and stakeholders to keep our community safe. 

Due to the current public health restrictions we regret to say we will be cancelling the Canada Day Celebrations in town, along with the fireworks. This is not a choice we have made easily.

As of today (April 28)  Mountain View County, including Sundre, have no confirmed COVID-19 cases. There were up to 5 cases in the county but to date all of those have recovered and there are no new confirmed cases. This is most likely because all of you continue to take this matter seriously and continue to practice physical distancing and to follow the guidelines put out by Alberta Health. A quote from Dr. Hinshaw's public address on April 27 shows that plans are being looked at to ease restrictions and allow some activities without increasing the risk to the community. Until then we must continue to do as we have been to protect our community.

"I know Albertans are tired of staying home. I know we all need to feel like we can see the end of this restriction, especially as the weather gets nicer and we all want to be outside. We are planning how we can move towards easing restrictions in a way that does not rapidly increase the risk of transmission with more ICU admissions and deaths.

In the meantime, please know you can go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Anyone who is not sick or a close contact of a confirmed case can be outside with a small number of friends as long as you stay at least 2 metres away from each other and you don’t share food or drink.

We will get through this. There will be an easing of restrictions when it is safe to do so. Please stay the course and protect your friends, family and neighbours as they are protecting you”

Be safe, be strong and thank you Sundre,

Sundre Emergency Management



Update April 9, 2020


We have been receiving a lot of questions and concerns about non-residents who are going to the seasonal lots and campgrounds in the area, or heading to the West Country and visiting our stores on the way through. Some have suggested "closing the Town” or putting up road blocks. We do not have the authority to "close the highway”. That authority is with the Province only (as verified by Alberta Transportation).

So what can we do?

We can each take the appropriate steps to mitigate the risk and protect ourselves and our families. We have all heard over and over again those steps. Wash your hands FREQUENTLY, practice physical distancing, and stay 6 feet apart from others. If you have any cold symptoms stay home! If you do need to go out for essentials, consider going at non peak times. 

Sundre IGA is prepared with hand wash stations, disinfectant for carts and baskets, and increased cleaning procedures etc. Good practice in all stores include staying back from others in the store, following any guidelines in place in the stores, reading the notices posted prior to entering, and wiping down and cleaning your purchases when you get home. IGA and all local Pharmacies are also doing delivery if you need it.

There have been some concerns about people attending the local seasonal lots / campgrounds in the area. A number of these people are returning "Snow Birds” that have been forced to return to Canada earlier than normal. These are their only Canadian Residence and they may have nowhere else to go.


Sundre Emergency Management is lobbying for more from the Province to address these concerns. We are not the only small municipality dealing with this by any means and other municipalities are asking the same of the province.



Update April 8, 2020


If you missed the public address from Premier Jason Kenny last night (April 07, 2020) here is a link to it:

The Town of Sundre is committed to protecting our community in the best way possible. We will continue to encourage those in our community to follow the safe practices, rules and guidelines set out by the Province, Alberta Health Services and the Town. Like many of you we too look forward to things getting back to normal as soon as possible. The best way to do that is with a full commitment to Preventing the Spread. Wash hands frequently, commit to physical distancing, cough or sneeze into your elbow, avoid crowded places, stay home as much as possible and only go out for essential items like groceries and medication. The more committed we are to preventing the spread now, the shorter duration these restrictions will be in place and the sooner we can get back to "normal”.

Given the forecast modeling for COVID-19 in Alberta we would like to provide some clarification on town facilities, sport fields, parks and playgrounds. All of these are closed without exception until further notice. We cannot say for sure how long these closures will be in effect, our best guess at this time is they will be closed for the remainder of April and likely into May. We will be able to further predict into May, June and July as we get closer to those months and when new information on the spread of the virus is available. We Will open these facilities as soon as we are able to and when we can do so safely.  In the meantime we encourage organizations and users to continue planning for your events, sports and activities. That way as soon as our facilities can be opened, you will be ready to run your events etc. Those looking to book facilities and or fields may still contact Community Services and put in a placeholder on our bookings calendar. Once conditions have been lifted to the point that we can open these facilities to the public we will do so.


Update April 3, 2020


As we approach the weekend we would like to remind people that you should only leave your homes if you have to for essential items such as groceries and medications. If you fall into one of the categories where you MUST be in isolation or quarantine as ordered by the Province and you need groceries or medications etc. we have verified that IGA and all the local pharmacies are able to assist in delivering to you. Please contact them to make arrangements. 

Yesterday a COVID-19 case was confirmed for in the Sundre area. This person is legally required to self-isolate and has been directed to do so. This does not change how we are doing things and there is no need for the public to panic. 

As of March 25, Albertans are legally required under public health order to self-isolate for:

  • 14 days if they returned from travel outside Canada or are a close contact of someone with COVID-19
  • 10 days if they have any COVID-19 any symptoms which are not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition: cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat

Please note that these rules and the rules on mass gatherings are enforceable and fines start at $1,200.

These 3 links will provide you with the information on self-isolation, Ordered Self-Isolation and general information on the COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta.

The link below is for businesses and will take you to Sundre’s COVID-19 Business Resources page:


Update April 1, 2020


Sundre Emergency Management continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and would like to remind people that is the best place for information on the current situation in Alberta. Info on the virus itself, info for travelers, self-isolation criteria, info on mass gatherings and other restriction are all listed there.

For information on Emergency Financial Assistance visit

While many businesses have been ordered to close some have been deemed an essential service by the Province and remain open.

Other businesses may still be able to provide goods and services but in a "safe” or different way such as delivery and or curb-side pick-up. The essential services link above provides information on what can remain open and what restrictions must be in place. If businesses have questions about their operation and the restrictions, an email address is provided.

Stay safe Sundre, and again thank you to everyone for working together through this.


Update March 27, 2020


Announced today by Premier Jason Kenney:

New Restrictions for mass gatherings is reduced from 50 to no more than 15 people.

Non-essential businesses, including retail and dine in restaurant services are being suspended effective immediately.  Services that are included but not limited to: salons, dental, massage, physiotherapy, optometry and chiropractic clinics, malls, and retail stores.  Dine in restaurants will be closed to dine in patrons, takeout and delivery remains open.  A complete list of these non-essential services can be found on the website.

Alberta Parks has closed vehicle access to all Alberta public parks and public lands.

Effective April 1, there will be no evictions due to failure to pay rent.  Rent increases are also suspended.

Effective immediately, Alberta Health Services (AHS) is postponing some non-urgent diagnostic imaging

procedures and non-essential/routine lab work.



Update March 26, 2020


The Town of Sundre and Sundre Emergency Management continue to work with the Alberta Emergency Management Agency, Alberta Health, our Regional Emergency Management Agencies and local stakeholders. We can report that town essential services have not been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and systems are running normal. Although the Town Office is closed to the public, service is still available via phone at 403-638-3551 and email at and remain your best source of information on COVID-19 related matters. Information on the virus, stats and case info, prevention, supports available and most importantly the Public Health Orders are all located on these websites. 

Both the Provincial and Federal Government have strongly stated that the public safety rules put in place to help prevent the spread of this virus MUST be strictly adhered to. Sundre has done a great job in following these important restrictions. Let’s continue setting an excellent example to the others in the province that may be failing to understand the importance of these measures.

Below are some links on assistance, information and programs available to you from the Provincial and Federal Governments.

COVID-19 supports for Albertans

Emergency isolation support

Support for employers and employees information



Update March 24, 2020


Message from Mayor and Council

The Town has made the difficult decision to close playgrounds & the skateboard park to the public as an additional measure to ensure the health and safety of our community during the COVID 19 outbreak. 

Questions have risen with regard to enforcement of this advisory. Our very caring community has already been amazing with following the safety rules, and we expect that this will continue with the playground closures. We are however cognizant that some may not be aware of this new advisory, so the Town will be monitoring these areas to ensure that the message is shared, and in the unlikely event that there is opposition, we will enforce as necessary.


Thank you to all for your caring and compassion during this difficult time.


Update March 23, 2020


We are happy to see our community taking this pandemic seriously and following the guidelines put out by the province and the federal government. At this point Sundre Emergency Management is NOT looking to impose any further restrictions to our citizens, provided the community continues to adhere to the guidelines set out by the province and the federal government. has provided some new information for Albertans including a video on helping to control the spread of the virus, a link to assist with donations of needed supplies, a link on the New Council on Charities and Civil Society and lastly a link with information on how to self-isolate:

Video encourages Albertans to ‘help prevent the spread’

Submit your offers of support or donations

New charities council advises on civil society's response to COVID-19

Tips on how to self-isolate


Please see the message below from our Town of Sundre Operations Department.


With all the protocols being established every day during this pandemic, we encourage everyone to do their part in managing the amount of solid waste including compost, recycle and garbage.

Please assist by being diligent in separating all three waste streams. Break down cardboard to ensure maximum use of recycle bins. Be sure that the items that go into the black bins are appropriate. Utilize the compost bin as well.

Any schedule changes will be announced on the Town of Sundre’s website, social media, and the app.

The Sundre transfer station is open Friday and Saturday from 9 – 4:30 for larger loads, recycling, batteries, oil, etc.

The Town Wastewater Operators are experiencing issues with inorganic materials being flushed down toilets. These include items such as flushable wipes, feminine hygiene plastic applicators and other cloth like materials. These can and recently have damaged pumping equipment which will cost users additional unbudgeted expenses. Please remember to only flush the 3 "P"s. We are urging residents to please follow these practices.

Any inquiries please call the shop at 403-638-4707.

Thank you Sundre for this assistance.

Stay Safe!


Update March 20, 2020


As the world takes more and more aggressive actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we must understand that as restrictive as these measures are they are being done to protect the population and allow our health system to provide the best care possible without overwhelming the system. A concentrated effort now will mean a shorter duration of these restrictions being in place. This will not end tomorrow but failure to take these matters seriously and follow the strict guidelines now will likely mean they are in place longer and or more restrictions being made. 

If you are wondering what steps you should take while moving throughout your communities go to and click "Help prevent the spread” in the Prevent and Prepare section.

Please take these measures seriously and do your best to limit your social interactions and practice social distancing. 

Quote from - Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health

‘We have put aggressive measures in place to prevent the spread of this deadly infection and protect those who are most vulnerable to make the number of these tragic occurrences as small as possible. These measures are hard on all of us. I urge you to take them seriously. We must continue to stand strong together even if from a distance.’ - Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health

For those of you on Facebook you can get regular updates and information from the Province at YourAlberta (Government of Alberta) Facebook Page.

Once again, we would like to thank the people of Sundre for your understanding, your patience and for adhering to the rules put in place by our government to help control this pandemic.


Sundre Emergency Management


Update March 19, 2020


Note from Sundre Emergency Management

"I want to thank you all for continuing to take the safety procedures from the province seriously. We must continue to practice good hygiene and social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.

People are reminded to:

  • Practice social distancing
  • Stay home and away from others if sick or in isolation
  • Practice good hygiene
    • Wash hands often
    • Cover coughs and sneezes
    • Avoid touching face
  • Monitor for symptoms: cough, fever, fatigue or difficulty breathing.

If you find you are anxious about this situation, there is help available at:

(Scroll down to "Mental Health and Coping" just below the Statistical Info)

You can also go to:

-Sundre Emergency Management "


Update March 18, 2020


Effective 4 pm, March 18, 2020 the Town of Sundre Office will be closed to the public. This includes the Town of Sundre Operations Shop and Community Services Office.

Service is still available 8:00am – 4:00pm by calling 403-638-3551.



  1. Please drop your payments in the drop box located to the right of the front door.
  2. Pay through online banking.
  3. Pay via credit card by calling 403-638-3551.
  4. Mail a cheque to:

Town of Sundre

Box 420

Sundre, AB. T0M 1X0

Further information on Town closures or re-openings will be posted on the Town website and Facebook.  The Town can also be contacted by:



We are taking these measures to help protect our staff so we can continue to provide essential services to you and our community. Thank you for understanding


Update March 17, 2020


At 1330 hrs, March 17, Premier Jason Kenney announced the declaration of a State of Public Health Emergency. 

Effective immediately and until further notice, the Alberta government is implementing additional measures, including cancelling events that have more than 50 people.


The additional measures include:

  • Mass gatherings are now limited to no more than 50 attendees. This includes worship gatherings and family events such as weddings. Grocery stores, shopping centres, health-care facilities, airports, the legislature and other essential services are not included.
  • To limit the amount of time Albertans are spending in large crowds and crowded spaces, all Albertans are prohibited from attending public recreational facilities and private entertainment facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, arenas, science centres, museums, art galleries, community centres, children’s play centres, casinos, racing entertainment centres, and bingo halls.
  • Sit-down restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, food courts and other food-serving facilities, including those with a minors-allowed liquor license, are limited to 50 per cent capacity to a maximum of 50 people. Take-out, delivery or drive-through service is permitted. Licensed facilities will also be permitted to deliver liquor.
  • At this time, not-for-profit community kitchens, soup kitchens and religious kitchens are exempt, but sanitization practices are expected to be in place and support will be in place for this practice.
  • Until further notice, all Albertans are restricted from attending bars and nightclubs, where minors are prohibited by law.


Albertans are encouraged to visit for the latest information, guidance and resources.


March 16, 2020

The Town of Sundre and Sundre Emergency Management continue to work with Alberta Emergency Management, Alberta Health and local stakeholders to address the impacts of COVID-19. 

It is important to understand that the following information is being shared and steps are being taken to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and not because there is any need to panic. 

We are aware that the town provides essential services to our community and we are taking steps to ensure the safety of our staff and to maintain essential services to the public. Our Risk Management Strategies and Business Continuity Plans have been implemented and have been in place since early last week. 

To assist in protecting our staff we have implemented some minor changes in how we do business. Non-essential meetings may be cancelled, postponed or may be conducted in another manner such as teleconferences or online.

We ask that anyone needing to do business at the Town office who may be displaying symptoms to please contact the Town office and arrangements will be made so we can assist you in another way.

**Effective at 0930am March 16, we are closing the Arena & Community Centre. The Curling Rink & Aquaplex have also closed.

As most of you already know schools are also closed. Parents and guardians will be hearing directly from their child’s school about next steps.

If you are concerned you may have come in contact with the virus, you can use the online Self Assessment Tool.

All Albertans are encouraged to take personal steps to help prevent the spread.

To protect yourself and others:

  • Stay home and away from others if sick or in isolation
  • Wash hands often
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Avoid touching face with unwashed hands
  • Avoid travel outside Canada
  • Self-isolate for 14 days if returning from travel outside Canada or were exposed to COVID-19

Updates will be posted as new information is available. 

For reliable and up to date information please refer the web page or Health Canada. 


Alberta Health

Health Canada