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Grow Your Business In Sundre 

Sundre Economic Development manages projects, conducts advertising and promotions, administers special programs, and develops strategic partnerships to help improve the area's quality of life and develop an environment conducive to investment. 
We can help get your business, project, or development off the ground in Sundre.  
Reach out to Sundre Economic Development at or 403-638-3551 ext 111
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Make the Most of Sundre's Benefits to Business.

  • FAST and EASY development decisions with our streamlined in-house process. There is NO Municipal Planning Commission.
  • Ultra diversified economy, centered in Forestry, Oil & Gas, Health and Education, Tourism and Retail, and Cannabis production.
  • With all amenities and services, access to nature, and an abundance of recreation, Sundre offers a super quality of living.
  • With access to quality infrastructure and resources, you can get what you need to get done. 
  • A continuously expanding quality workforce. 
  • Sundre features a low cost of living, especially vis a vis cities like Calgary or Edmonton.
  • 93 kms to Calgary (town limit to town limit); 1 hour 20 mins downtown to downtown. 
  • At less than 8% by number of square feet vacant, Sundre features a comparatively low commercial vacancy rate (C1 district, downtown).
  • 7.3 Million Average annual daytime traffic on Highway 27 through town. Centre St. and Main Ave sees 9+ million vehicles per year.
  • With over 2000 campsites within ten minutes of town, the area summertime population increases by over 4000 people. 
    • 2,800 Town population
    • 8,000 Trade area population
    • 12,000 Summertime population

Sundre Economic Development Investor Services

  • Site selection process assistance
  • Business training and workshops
  • Investor networking and recruitment
  • Concierge facilitation through the stages of the investment process

Sundre Economic Development Core Service Areas

  • Community Development
  • Business Development
  • Tourism Development
  • Communications
  • Business Licensing  
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For more information, contact:
Jon Allan
Economic Development Officer
403-638-3551 ext #111