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Health Services

Health Services in the Town of Sundre


The Myron Thompson Health Centre (the Sundre Hospital) 

The Town of Sundre is currently home to at least 9 permanent doctors employed at 2 separate health clinics and the Myron Thompson Health Centre (a 24-hour regional hospital). In addition to the area's 9 permanent doctors, the Myron Thompson Health Centre is also a University of Calgary teaching hospital, therefore, many locums and residents stay in Sundre for periods of time.  



Sundre is also home to 104 unit state-of-the-art seniors care facility, the Mountain View Seniors Housing lodge. A denture clinic is also located in town. 

Dental Services

Eye Care 

Paramedical (massage, physiotherapy, etc.)

There are at least three spas and clinics providing massage therapy, acupuncture, etc., services in town, and at least one physiotherapy clinic. 

Mental Health 

There are several private mental health therapists that operate in the Sundre area. Alberta Health Services (AHS) also employs a number of therapists supporting mental health and addictions counselling. Contact Greenwood Neighbourhood Place for a list of current mental health therapists at 403-638-1011. 

The Sundre eSim Lab for Rural Health Practitioners


Sundre is home to a special rural health practitioner education facility called the eSim Lab. This lab operates out of the former Town of Sundre municipal office, and is supported by AHS and the Town of Sundre, along with private donations. The lab allows for health practitioners to gain experience in the very dynamic environment usually associated in rural health settings (as opposed to the very specialized and focused health practices available in large urban centres). Watch this video below for information on Sundre's special health care learning centre.