Planning and Development

cowboyThe Planning & Development Department is responsible for land use planning and development within the community.  The department is managed by the Director of Planning & Economic Development.

The Planning function is responsible for long-range planning and forecasting, statutory plans and other policy documents, subdivision applications, the Land Use Bylaw, and conducting consultation on proposed land use changes.   

The Development function is responsible for all building and development permits, issuance of compliance certificates, and ensuring that building and renovation design meets specifications as outlined in the Land Use Bylaw and the Alberta Building Code.  The Department also works closely with Superior Safety Codes (contracted inspectors) to ensure that all residential, commercial and industrial properties are constructed to meet or exceed the Alberta Building Code and related regulations.

Planning & Development Quick Links

Land-Use Bylaw
Land Use Bylaw Schedule A: Land Use Map
Plans and Policy Documents
Development Permits and Information 
Development Fee Schedule 

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  • Subdivision & Redesignation