Feedback and Concerns

If this is an urgent matter, please phone the Town Office at 403-638-3551 during business hours. After hours, please phone the on call number at 403-638-7350.
As outlined in the 'Public Participation and Engagement ' Policy (A-010-00), the following process is to be followed to improve communication between the Town of Sundre and its valued residents.
  • Concerns must be submitted to the Town, on this 'Citizen Communication & Request for Service Form'.  Please note that the form can be printed and submitted to the Town of Sundre office via email, mail or in person; or a digital version can be completed below.  The digital version will be automatically submitted to the Town of Sundre and the information will be transferred onto the 'Citizen Communication & Request for Service Form'.
  • The reception desk shall log the form and forward a copy to the appropriate Department Head or designate.  Within seven (7) business days of receipt of the submission, the reception desk shall acknowledge to the citizen in writing that the submission has been received.  The citizen shall be provided with a tracking number to facilitate requests for updates to the status of the submission.
  • The Town shall investigate, and in doing so shall consider;
    • Relevant municipal and provincial legislation;
    • Relevant policies and procedures;
    • Existing file documents;
    • Employee(s) or member(s) of the public involved in the issue;
    • Actions that may be taken to address the submission or improve municipal operations.
  • Within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the submission, the responding department shall provide a response in writing, phone or email to the citizen.  The response shall include:
    • Whether the concern was substantiated;
    • If the concern is not substantiated, provide reason(s) for their decision; and,
    • Any actions the municipality has or will take as a result of the concern.
  • If the responding department is unable to provide a response within thirty (30) calendar says, they shall notify the citizen of the delay and provide an estimate of when a response will be provided.
  • The responding department shall file a copy of the submission and resolution with the reception desk.  The reception desk shall maintain a file in accordance with the Town's records retention bylaw.
  • Submissions provided to the Town of Sundre shall be referred to the appropriate municipality or provincial agency when the matter is not within the control of the Town of Sundre.

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