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About Town Council

The Town of Sundre Council fulfils the legislative function of the Town's municipal government. Council is responsible for establishing corporate policy and setting the strategic priorities for Town staff on an annual basis.

Town Council is comprised of a Mayor and six Councillors, who are elected by the citizens of Sundre every four years. The Mayor is the chief elected official of the municipality and has duties of both Councillor and Chief Elected Official.   Each member is extremely dedicated to this community, and each committed to doing the best job they can for the residents of Sundre - their friends, family and neighbours - and for the business sector.'

 Mayor Richard Warnock  Email Mayor Warnock
 Councillor Paul Isaac  Email Councillor Isaac
 Councillor Connie Anderson  Email Councillor Anderson
 Councillor Jaime Marr  Email Councillor Marr
 Councillor Owen Petersen  Email Councillor Petersen
 Councillor Todd Dalke  Email Councillor Dalke
 Councillor Chris Vardas  Email Councillor Vardas