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Grants to Organizations 

Policy A-012-00 POL


The intention of the Town of Sundre Grants Program is to share available resources throughout the Town. Supporting volunteer, community-based organizations is fundamental to maintaining our quality of life. The Grants Program is also open to businesses for such things as storefront or landscape improvements, and to events organizers to support the hosting and promotion of events that will draw visitors into Sundre.

Grants are intended to provide modest levels of support and assistance to community non- profit organizations and other organizations with a demonstrated need. The intent is to enhance a project, program, service or other, but is not intended to sustain the organization. The program attempts to balance on-going needs and a rotation of new applicants.  For more details or to receive and application, please review the Grants to Organizations Policy.


First Application Intake Due Date: January 31, 2023


Additional Intake Due Dates: May 31, 2023.


The Town of Sundre is advising all organizations that the 3rd Intake of Grants to Organization Applications will not occur

Council and the Grants to Organization Committee spend a considerable amount of time reviewing the applications and they must carefully consider where budgeted funds should be applied. During their deliberations, all criteria is considered as per the Town of Sundre Policy A-01-00-POL, Grants to Organizations Policy. Grants are intended to provide modest levels of support and assistance to community non-profit organizations and other organizations. The intent is to provide funds to enhance a project, program, or service.

In January and May, the Grants to Organization Committee and Town of Sundre Council took the 2023 budget of $50,00.00 and distributed the funds over two separate intakes of applications The Town received a total of fifteen (15) applications with a total of $50, 746.00 in funding requests for the 1st intake of 2023, and seven (7) applications with a total amount of $24,096.00 in funding requests for the 2nd intake of applications. The total of these two intakes totaled more than what was allocated for the entire year.

Council and the Grants to Organization Committee look forward to the 1stintake of applications which will be due January 31, 2024.


A-012-00 POLICY Grants to Organizations  (Manual Application Included)


Grants to Organizations Fillable Application Form 


Memorial Bench Program

Policy and Procedure E-011-00

Adopted by Town of Sundre Council November 7, 2016

Policy Statement:

To recognize and assist Community Donors' plans to commemorate or honour family, friends, or events with the Town of Sundre. This policy establishes funding requirements and standards for all bench donations.

Purpose for Policy:

To maintain a list and map of available locations where memorial benches can be placed within the Town of Sundre public open spaces; these locations are based on need, public convenience, ease of maintenance, and other factors. Donors are responsible for all costs associated with purchase, assembly, installation, maintenance and delivery of memorial benches.

Bench applications must be submitted on or before March 1st for May month installation and by July 2nd for September installation.

For more details review the Policy and Procedures 

Memorial Bench- Town of Sundre Policy 

Memorial Bench- Town of Sundre Procedure 

Memorial Bench Program Application