Land Use & Development

Land Use Bylaw 
The purpose of the Town of Sundre Land Use Bylaw is to, among other things 
1) Divide the municipality into Land Use Districts; 
2)  Prescribe and regulate the use for each District;
3)  Establish the Development Authority and its responsibility; 
4)  Establish the Subdivision Authority; 
5)  Establish a method of making decisions on applications for development permits including the issuance of development permits; 
6)  Provide the manner in which notice of issuance of a development permit is to be given;
7)  Implement the statutory plans of the Town of Sundre. 

Land Use Districts
All land within the Town limits is designated to a Land Use District.  Each district outlines the permitted or discretionary uses for consideration in that district.  There current Municipal Districts are as follows.

  • Low Density Residential District (R-1) 
  • General Residential District (R-2) 
  • Manufactured Home District (R-3) 
  • Estate Residential District (R-4)
  • Services Estate Residential District (R-4A)
  • Central Commercial District (C-1)
  • Highway Commercial District (C-2)
  • Neighborhood Commercial District (C-3)
  • Light Industrial District (I-1)
  • Flood Plain Industrial District (I-2)
  • Light industrial Business Park District (I-3)
  • General Industrial District (I-4)
  • Public Service District (PS)
  • Urban Reserve District (UR)
  • Seasonal Residential District (SR) 
Please contact Planning & Development with any questions regarding Land Use Districts