Upper Red Deer River Hazard Study

Upper Red Deer River Hazard Study 

Hazard Study Notice and Project Background Document 

Letter of Notice to Residents 

The purpose of the Upper Red Deer River Hazard Study is to assess and identify river and flood hazards along 75 km of the Red Deer River and 18 km of Bearberry Creek, through Red Deer County, Clearwater County, and Mountain View County, including Sundre.

The new river hazard study will be completed under the provincial Flood Hazard Identification Program (FHIP), the goals of which include enhancement of public safety and reduction of future flood damages through the identification of river and flood hazards. The provincial study is being co-funded through the federal National Disaster Mitigation Program.

The study is complex, and the scope and scale of work is larger than previous provincial flood hazard studies. Hydraulic modelling, flood inundation mapping, and flood hazard mapping along the Red Deer River and Bearberry Creek are primary deliverables. The study also includes hydrology assessment, survey and base data collection, flood risk assessment and inventory, and channel stability investigation components.

The Upper Red Deer River Hazard Study is expected to begin in fall 2017 and be complete by spring 2019. River survey work is expected to begin in early September and be complete by winter 2017.

We recognize there will be tremendous interest in any new flood mapping. Our study finalization process includes municipal review and public engagement for major components, as appropriate. Our goal is to provide useful tools to communities and the public as soon as possible.

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