Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

Pursuant to the requirements of the Municipal Government Act, theTown of Sundre Council is required to appoint seven (7) Sundre citizens to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, for a term of up to three (3) years.

Meetings: The Subdivision and Development Appeal board will meet as many times as necessary to fulfill its obligations pursuant to Bylaw 2018-02, and in any event at least one (1) time per calendar year.

Training: Before participating in any hearing as a member of a panel of the board, successfully complete a training program set or approved by the Minister, and every 3 years successfully complete a refresher-training program set or approved by the Minister

Remuneration: Shall be $50.00 per meeting. All costs associated with training shall be paid by the Town of Sundre.

If you have the ability to work in a team environment, communicate effectively, commit time to attend meetings, have an interest in representing the community, and an interest in making a difference, please contact Legislative Services at (403) 638-3551 ext. 114 for further information, or email: to submit your application for consideration.