Social Support Services

We overheard a new Sundre resident talking about how much she loves it here, so we sought her out later to find out what, exactly, it is that she loves so much. All of her comments were about the people, and how open and welcoming and helpful and "just so genuinely caring" they are.

At the heart of things, this is where "social support" starts -- at the informal, un-programmed level of sincere caring for one another.  Sundre has this in spades but, beyond that, the community is very fortunate to have a local helping agency that serves as the heart of Sundre's social support network.

Greenwood Neighbourhood Place delivers Family and Community Support Serivces, services to seniors, parenting programs and a range of other services.  It is also a link to a wealth of resources for anyone in any kind of need, whether that's just getting connected to all the community has to offer or getting access to counselling, shelter or food in times of crisis.


Senior Support Services:

Greenwood Neighbourhood Place Seniors Services

Contact: (403) 638-1011

Home Care

Contact: (403) 638-4063

Meals on Wheels

Contact: (403) 638-3033 (Sundre Hospital)

Senior Self-Contained Housing

Contact: (403) 335-8404 (Mountain View Seniors Housing)

Sundre Community Van

Contact: Karen & Colin Macleod, (403) 638-3266

Sundre Foothills Lodge

Contact: (403) 638-4833

West Country Seniors' Centre

Contact: (403) 638-3298