List of capital and operational projects being undertaken by the Town of Sundre


Economic Development Projects

 1. - Destination Marketing Campaign: This advertising campaign began in 2015 as a partnership with private partners to promote Sundre's recreational and cultural amenities, both in town and nearby.  Supported so far by about $120,000 in Cooperative Marketing Grants from Travel Alberta, the campaign is set to continue for the foreseeable future.  The campaign features a single call-to-action - that is, to get people to visit the website. The website was made in-house, saving tax payers potentially several thousand dollars.  

2. Olds College Partnership Development: The partnership with Olds College's School of Business was developed in early 2015 with Sundre Economic Development, to provide free management consulting advice to local businesses as part of the college's project-based learning curriculum. To date, 8 businesses have been served by this first-of-its-kind program. 

3. Way-finding Directional Signage Development: Way-finding signage refers to the branded signage that is placed throughout communities. This signage is intended to help visitors and residents alike find their way to specific destinations or neighbourhoods, while also reinforcing Sundre's brand and identity. Up to 11 signs have been installed during Phase 1 in 2016. Although graphic designers were used to develop the proposed look of the signs, the Way-finding plan is being developed in-house, saving tens of thousands in consultation fees. Phases 2 and 3, and future phases as the community grows, will be installed in the next couple of years. The striking new Visitor Information Centre sign structure is considered a way-finding sign for the purpose of this project.

4. Biomass Feedstock Study: This project has been completed in partnership with two local businesses (Gap Creek Wood Products and Coleman Forestry Products) and the Province of Alberta, in order to quantify the amount of biomass material within a 100 km radius of the Town of Sundre. Biomass material can be used as feedstock in the production of diesel, plastics, and a multitude of other products.  Click here to see the completed feedstock mapping report.

5. Investment Attraction Planning: The department of economic development will be crafting an investment attraction plan and schedule to help recruit new investment into the Town of Sundre. 

6. Multi-use Education and Incubation Centre Pre-feasibility Research:  The department of economic development will be surveying local home-based businesses on their expansion plans and requirements, in order to determine the prospective viability of a business incubation centre being developed within the Town of Sundre. Incubation centres are useful for helping small businesses and not-for-profits move outside of the home in an affordable setting with shared administrative support.  Typically incubation centres act as the middle step before small businesses become fully independent in their own offices after moving out of the home.  


Community Services Projects

1. Facility Maintenance Plan 2017 - The Community services Department is currently working on a facility maintenance schedule that will improve the overall care of the Town's indoor and outdoor facilities. The program will be designed to improve staff productivity, reduce risk & liability and assist staff with the monitoring and management of our Town's equipment, facilities & assets. The expected timeline for implementation of the facility maintenance schedule is June 2017

Planning & Development Projects

1. Parks, Open Spaces & Trails Master Plan

Prepare a detailed Master Plan for the Town’s Parks, Open Spaces & Trails.  The scope of work will include a review of the current trail routing and identifying any existing issues, constraints or gaps. The project will explore ideas for trail enhancements including new connections, potential re-alignments as well as opportunities for bicycle, scooter, handicap, senior and general pedestrian mobility, the creation of outdoor amenities within the trail corridor and areas for off-leash dog parks.

2. Development Standards

The Town is currently creating a set of Development Standards to ensure correct rules and regulations are being used for the planning and design of new developments, which will provide critical information to developers.  Development Standards will include how roads, curbs and gutters are to be constructed and type of materials to be used.  This will ensure that all infrastructure is constructed correctly and that developers are being held to the same standard.

3. East Side Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)

An Area Redevelopment Plan will be created for the lands on the East side of the Red Deer River within the Town boundary.  The area is proposed to be a mix of light industrial, commercial and residential with parks and trails throughout the area.  An ARP would layout how the area would develop to its full potential and address issues of storm water, water and wastewater, transportation access, land uses and green spaces.

4. Land Use Bylaw Update

The Land Use Bylaw is currently under review as it is quite old and in need of an update.  It must also be aligned with the Town’s Municipal Development Plan approved by Council in 2013.  The revisions to the Land Use Bylaw will bring greater clarity to residents, business owners and developers while making it easier for Town administration to approve permits.

5.  6 Avenue Greenway Corridor 

The Town of Sundre is excited that the Landscape project north of the new Mountain View Seniors Centre will be commencing in June 2017.  The project is expected to take 3 months to complete.  Should you have any questions regarding the project please call Planning & Development at the Town Office at 403-638-3551.

Conceptual Plan 


Operational Services Projects  

1. Water Leak Surveys: The Water and Wastewater Department will be conducting surveys to determine if there are leaks in our wastewater and water systems. 

2. Gas Leak Surveys: The Gas Department will conduct contracted gas leak and corrosion surveys.

3. New Gas Meter Replacements: The Gas Department will be conducting gas meter change outs as required by the federal government.

4. New Gas Line Installation: The Gas Department will be installing a large gas main on the north side of the rodeo grounds in May. With this, we will create an emergency egress and fire lane on the gas line right-of-way. Estimated completion: October 2016

5. Bearberry Creek Fish Habitat Compensation: This project was required under Federal requirements to offset lost habitat with the installation of the Red Deer river erosion spurs. Phase 1 was completed August 26, 2016. Phase 2 will consist of planting riparian vegetation along both banks upstream of the Bearberry Creek dam. This is scheduled for early spring 2017, and we are looking for any volunteers that wish to assist as we have designed this phase as community involvement.

6. Way-finding Signage Installation: The Operational Services department installed the Town's new way-finding signage throughout Town in early September 2016.

7. Recycle Blue Bin program: A new curbside pick-up blue bin recycling program was introduced to residents at no additional cost in June 2016, and appears to be a success; a majority of residents have taken part and minimal concerns have been received. 

8. Main Avenue Section 1

Main Ave west from Tim Hortons (10th Street SW) to Mountains Edge (7th Street SW)

This section will have 3/4 crush gravel graded into the shoulder parking sections that are damaged by the large trucks. Potholes in the driving lanes will be maintained as required until late fall. This schedule will be followed each year until the 2019 capital plan is enacted to replace that section of road and infrastructure. 

9. Main Avenue Section 2

Main Ave West from Mountains Edge (7th Street SW) To Corner Brook (6Th Street SW)

100 Meters of potholes and broken asphalt will be torn out and replaced with 3/4 crush gravel graded, maintained and dust controlled until the 2020 capital project is enacted to replace surfaces and infrastructure.

10. Intersection

The intersection of 7th Street SW and Main Ave will have pot hole maintenance for the 2017 season until the capital project in 2019.

11. Asphalt Drainage Swales

These are paved and concrete drainage ways across street entrances. These are damaged and do not drain properly.

Locations: 2nd Street NW and NE,

                   1st Street and 10th Ave NE (two drains)

                   1st Ave & 3rd Street NE

                   6th Ave & 1st Street NE

12.Access drainage sections on Highway 2

These are 3 sections of accesses to/from the Highway 27 corridor. They are now past the maintenance abilities of the Roads Department and it is required that they be cut out, compacted and reshaped/ resurfaced. This is critical to the upcoming Alberta Transportation mini Roundabout project scheduled for this spring of 2017.

Locations: RPM Automotive (3rd Street NE)

                   Sundre Car Wash (4th Street NW)

                   Ace Hardware (4The Street SW)

The remainder of Town roads and sidewalks will have small maintenance repairs throughout the spring summer and fall season. The sidewalks have had a condition report completed for risk and damage issues which will be addressed in future operating and capital projects.

13.Recycle Centre Road SE

This is an industrial use road and will be maintained in its graveled condition through out the season.