Legalization of Non-Medical Cannabis and Retail Stores





It is anticipated that Federal legislation to legalize the possession, growing and selling of non-medical cannabis and related products will become law by the Summer/Fall of 2018.  In response to the Federal initiative, the Province of Alberta has implemented law on the consumption of cannabis and through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will license and regulate retail stores for the sale of cannabis.  The Province has set a minimum standard of 100 meters as the distance a retail cannabis store can be located from a provincial health care facility, a school or a parcel of land designated as municipal or school reserve lands.  Further to the minimum setback requirements for retail cannabis stores, the Province has also enacted legislation to restrict smoking or vaping of cannabis in any public place where tobacco is restricted, and in the following places:

  • On any hospital property, school property or child care facility property
  • From any motor vehicle, with the exemption of those being used as a temporary residence, such as a parked RV
  • In or within a prescribed distance from:
    • A playground, sports or playing field
    • A skateboard or bicycle park 
    • Anywhere smoking or vaping tobacco is already restricted

The Town of Sundre has the ability, through its Land Use Bylaw, to further regulate the location of retail cannabis stores within its boundary.  An amendment to the Land Use Bylaw can establish or vary the minimum distances set by the Province from schools, health care facilities, municipal and school reserve lands.  The amendment can also include other public places like parks, playgrounds, the arena, community centre, library, and day care facilities.

The Town of Sundre is looking for your feedback on proposed changes to the Land Use Bylaw to regulate cannabis development that will be before Council later in 2018. 

Please take a moment to answer questions in the following survey.  Your input will assist Town Administration and Council to determine what is best for our community.

Legalization of Non-Medical Cannabis and Retail Stores Survey