Development Permit Pre-Application Meetings

Pre-Application Meeting for Development Permits


Interested in Developing Land and Constructing in Sundre?

Planning & Development provides a pre-application meeting for development proposals for:

-       New commercial, industrial or multi-dwelling residential building

-       Subdivisions

-       Land Use Bylaw Amendments

-       Rezoning

It allows the Developer to better understand the application and development permit process, allowing the opportunity to identify key issues at an early stage.

Booking an appointment with Planning & Development for a pre-application meeting will help you submit a well-informed development permit application prior to the application being submitted, therefore reducing review and process times.

A thorough application can save time by limiting the back and forth communication between you and the Town.

If you would like to set up a pre-application meeting, please contact the Town Office at 403-638-3551 or email us at:


Angie Lucas - Director of Planning & Operational Services 

Denica Crosbie - Planner

Michelle Smith - Development Officer




None of the comments provided through the pre-application meeting are to be taken to imply or suggest a commitment or decision by Administration to either approve or refuse your proposal.  Undertaking the complete Development Permit process is the only way to be provided with a decision by Administration.