Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

About the Municipal Planning Commission

Along with the Planning & Development Department, Sundre's Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) forms the Development Authority for the Town of Sundre.   The MPC also acts as the Subdivision Authority for the Town of Sundre (reviewing and approving or decling all applications for subdivision of any kind).  The Development and Subdivision Authority has those powers and duties as set out in the Municipal Government Act, the Land Use Bylaw and any regulations made thereunder.  

In practice, the municipal department has authority to do all development permitting where the application is a permitted use that meets all requirements.  Where the proposed development is named as a "Discretionary Use" within a particular district, the application must go to the MPC.  As well, the department Manager may take any matter to the MPC, as deemed approporiate.

Please refer to the calendar here, for a list of meeting dates.  

MPC Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and Minutes are made available on this site as quickly as possible.  As per mandated processes, Minutes cannot be posted until they are duly approved at the next MPC meeting and signed by the Chair.  As a result, there is a delay between a meeting and its Minutes being posted to the site.

Agendas & Minutes for the current and past two years are posted here.  For documents prior to that, please contact the Planning and Development Department, 403.638.3551.

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