Statement on Centre Street Reconstruction Project


Town of Sundre


December 12, 2017


First phase of long-term project prepares north end of Sundre for future growth


SUNDRE – The long-awaited redevelopment of Centre Street North from 6 Ave NE to 12 Ave NE is nearly complete and on budget. The redevelopment was touted by the Town of Sundre over the past year as the first phase of a major redevelopment of Centre Street North. This first phase of the project installed new infrastructure that will meet future growth projections; it prepared the street for eventual twinning and the addition of a landscaped centre median; and it includes new connections to regional pathways for residents. The second part to this first phase will be completed in early 2018, once weather improves, and will see a second layer of asphalt laid, along with new landscaping along the boulevards of the street.


Last year, members of the Town administration claimed that the street lanes would be made wider during this first phase; this was an unfortunate and unintentional miscommunication. The street will in fact be made wider once the lanes are twinned with the addition of a future centre median, which could be several years away.


The history of this major $2.2 million project goes back to 2015, when the Town of Sundre developed a capital plan to address aging infrastructure and necessary upgrades to roads and underground services.  As standard practice, all infrastructure upgrades were planned for in a cost effective, viable manner, with minimum impact to the taxpayer.  


Centre Street, from 6 Ave NE to 12 Ave NE, was prioritized as part of this plan to have new water and wastewater mains and a new large capacity storm sewer installed, which included a reconstructed road surface to accommodate current traffic volumes and anticipated servicing needs for future development. Construction began in the late summer of this year, 2017.


This project is not complete, and in 2018 will continue with the final lift of asphalt on the road surface after the winter season and any imperfections will be addressed then. The completion of the east side regional path connecting 12 Ave NE to 6 Ave NE will also be completed around this time, and will feature landscaping in the boulevards, though it will require the removal and replacement of several trees.


Unfortunately, there has been considerable confusion and misunderstanding about the implementation of this phase of the project, based on information presented at open houses and public forums during the course of 2017.  Renderings of conceptual landscape plans were shown featuring Centre Street developed to its full potential with landscaped boulevards, a landscaped centre median, regional pathway and two drive lanes per each direction.


The new road alignment is temporary and only includes half of the width of the road at this stage, with one drive lane per direction, together with some boulevard landscaping and trees, and the regional pathway along the east side. The additional two lanes will be expanded at some point in the future, together with the landscaped centre median.  The majority of the costs for the future expansion will be recovered from developers through the payment of required off-site levies and/or boundary costs. This will ensure minimal cost impacts to resident tax payers.


Administration sincerely apologizes for any misunderstanding it has caused with respect to community expectations, in the initial phase of this project.  We can only reiterate that the project improvements, to date, were implemented in a cost-effective manner to minimize impact on tax payers by replacing and upgrading all underground infrastructure and implementing the Phase 1 road design, which adequately accommodates the traffic needs of the community today.




For questions or comments, please contact:

Linda Nelson

Chief Administrative Officer

403-638-3551 ext 101